Adam’s Award Acceptance Speech
Adam Kroft accepting the 2016 Lincoln Independent Business Association Young Professional of the Year Award

Last month, I was honored as the 2016 Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) Young Professional of the Year. I had a lot of advice to give, people to thank and ramblings to ramble. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow me give a speech at the banquet. Fortunately, we have a blog.

Without further adieu, my acceptance speech:

1. Blood, sweat and beers: I haven’t seen blood in the office, yet. We’re passionate and there’s no getting around it, but nobody has thrown a punch, yet. Imagine walking into your workplace every single day prepared to present your inner workings of your brain to people whose job it is to critique every aspect of your creative idea. Yeah, that’s bound to bring tension. Tension turns into sweat. We push ourselves because we want our creative to reach a level of excellence. And until it does, sweat figuratively and literally pours down our faces. But at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, there’s always beer in our fridge to wash it down.

2. My emotional support cat, Pisa: again, if you haven’t removed me from social media or blocked me from your newsfeed, you’ve probably seen pictures of my cat.

With all the stress of starting a new business weighing me down something was missing. You see, I’m an animal lover. Ask Brendon, he found an old video in my YouTube archives of yours truly commentating a trip to the animal shelter. In my 2009 high school yearbook I was dubbed, “Adam Kroft: Animal Whisperer.” Long story short, I felt the need for a feline companion to help manage stress. Her name is Pisa, and she’s become a friend of the office. Thank you for keeping me sane, Pisa.


3. CULTure: If you were hoping to get out of this award speech without having to read some sap, too bad. The only reason why I was up on that stage in the first place is because the of people I have the honor of working next to and communicating with seven days a week, 364 days a year. (We usually don’t talk on New Years — too hung over.)

I added emphasis on “cult,” because a cult can be defined as: “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.” Red Thread is successful because every single person on this team lives and breathes this company. Most people don’t like to work, but if you walk into work mildly content, you’re in a good place. If you walk into work ecstatic to be there — that’s a whole new ballgame. Well, we’ve created a whole new ballgame and we’re ready to show Lincoln, Nebraska and the United States what we’ve got.

The academy, aka Rhett, has started playing the music to get me off the stage, so in the meantime, to see amazing photos of my cat, add me on social media:




Snapchat: @adamkroft

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