Advertising sucks.
woman applying a product directly onto her forehead

What I hate about advertising:

  • There's no such thing as a beautiful billboard with an obnoxious sunset behind it
  • Repetitive ads
  • Repetitive ads
  • Repetitive ads
  • Seizure-inducing banner ads

The whiteness of the teeth plus the size of the boobs multiplied by the number of product placements = sales.

  • QR codes (for personal reasons)
  • "Call within the next 10 minutes to get a second piece of shit absolutely free!"

I could go on, but just flip on a TV and add what you see during the next commercial break to the list. I hate advertising for the same reasons you do. And as I've gained more experience, I've learned to depict why 95% of the ads I see suck. It's created a frustration not unlike an imprisoned pirate's staring into the eyes of the canine that holds the keys to his freedom in its mouth. There's just so many things I want to say (and do when I'm home alone) to the people who make these ads, but there's nothing I can say that will change the situation.

So, why am I in advertising?


Here's the deal. Advertising will always exist. That's set in stone, but it doesn't always have to make us want to mutilate 2 of our 5 senses. I strive to create the ads that inspire us to just do it, to teach the world to sing, to try harder, to think different. Those are the ads we remember, share on Facebook, quote during phone calls (can you hear me now?) The ones that send a shiver down your spine or a smile to your face. I'm intrigued that we can love something that we simultaneously hate so much. It's that emotion-muddling contradiction that makes each day a riveting challenge.

It will be long road to change advertising's negative reputation; But it can be done, one caffeine-saturated idea at a time.

If you're like me, you gather with friends, pizza and beer on Super Bowl Sunday not to watch the game, but to watch the commercials. With over 100 million viewers, many of which have already evaluated these commercials to shreds, I thought I'd weigh in on with my favorite and least favorite picks.
It’s the things we have in common that keep us from ripping each others heads off, but it’s our differences that turn our good ideas into great ones.