Inspiration For Me, Inspiration For You
rhett muller sticking his tongue out in front of the red wall at the redthread office

As the multimedia director for Red Thread, I have to produce and also consume. For me to be able to produce work, whether it’s a commercial, branding video or some design, I must have something that inspires me.

When I first started out in advertising I had no idea where to look for inspiration so I decided to look toward the things that I knew. This ranged from movies to music to books. As I have become more experienced, I have found some pretty cool projects and work that others have done that continue to give me ideas and new ways of looking at things.

As a creative, the real struggle is finding awesome work that gets your wheels turning. Everyone is different so everyone’s inspiration will be different. However, for me, immersing myself in the creative lifestyle and the arts has allowed me to grow as a creative and a producer (go ahead call me a hipster.)

So, in an effort to inspire you, here are 10 things that have recently inspired me:

1. Jon Contino

Jon is one of my favorite graphic designers. His rugged style and personal brand are everything I want for my own.


2. Chet Faker - Gold (Music Video)

Chet Faker is an awesome musician and his music videos are up to par with his talent. It took me a few views to figure out how this video was produced. The coordination between the skaters and production crew is mind-blowing.

3. The Fox Is Black

When I’m really stuck I go to The Fox Is Black blog. If you can’t find inspiration here then you’re doing something wrong.


4. The Martian by Andy Weir

I started reading the book after I saw the movie and have found it to be even better. The writing style and casual tone of voice provide for a very “real” story…or as real as a book about living on Mars could be.


5. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Although Wes Anderson has been my favorite director for a while, I neglected to watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou for years. I finally sat down to watch it and it immediately became my favorite film of his. The quirkiness, odd sets and of course Bill Murray’s wit do not disappoint.

6. Alabama Shakes - Sound and Color (Music Video)

I first heard this song while watching the finale of USA’s show Mr. Robot. After looking up the song, I found the music video. My love for space, music and high production value all came together in this one.

7. Aaron Draplin

Aaron is a graphic designer and creator of the stationary brand Field Notes. I love this video because he takes you step by step through his process of creating logos.

8. TV On The Radio - Careful You

Motion graphics are huge right now and TV On The Radio took full advantage in this lyric music video. It’s just mesmerizing and the song has a great use of French. Oui Oui.

9. Nick Offerman Wood Shop

This may seem like an odd one, but yes Ron Swanson is a badass outside of Parks and Rec. Nick Offerman’s Wood Shop has some beautiful pieces that will make you want to dig into your savings fund.


10. We Don't Coast

Last but not least, the new campaign from my hometown of Omaha makes me proud to be where I’m from. The visuals, copy and message give me butterflies every time.

Now go make something cool!

-- Rhett

Last month, I was honored as the 2016 Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) Young Professional of the Year. I had a lot of advice to give, people to thank and ramblings to ramble.
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