My Doggone Journey into Advertising
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“In the third stall from the left, where a horse should be standing, was a dragon. A beautiful dragon, with maroon and gold-colored scales. Hers claws were gold and her eyes a deep, elegant blue.”

This is a line from my self-published, illustrated book Jackson D. Rider that I wrote in 7th grade for a class project. Pretty great, no? It’s a story about a boy undergoing your classic rite of passage of becoming a dragon-rearing man. He then goes on to save a magical society from complete eradication on his 13th birthday. Frankly, it may be my best work.

I grew up with a pencil in my hand, furiously spinning tales in every genre and subject whenever a brain blast occurred - a large shout out to my friend Anne Marie for being my primary reader! Credit is also due to my parents, who strongly encouraged this love of reading and writing, and gladly edited any new story.

And just like that *snaps red finger-nailed fingers* life did a complete 180 and before I knew it I was stuck in nursing school feeling suffocated. I knew I needed change.

So I dropped out before telling my parents, and transferred to UNL majoring in journalism and geography. I stretched my creative legs through both majors, but the writing gears were still a little too rusty for my liking. Then one wintry day in an English class we watched a random Mad Men episode for no particular reason, and the world of advertising caught my eye.

Since then, it’s been a love affair with the wild wild west of advertising - particularly since joining redthread two months ago! Everyday I’m challenged as a copywriter, hone in on my writing skills, all while dusting off the cobwebs to the artistic network of neurons branching across multiple brain quadrants! It’s an absolute BLAST to come to work everyday with talented, zealous, über groovy individuals that encourage you to think outside the box (or in the box if it’s a pizza box, because pizza is my best inspiration)!

With all this being said, I would now like to match my coworkers to breeds of dogs that represent them best (yes Adam, dogs not cats). To any coworker that disagrees with their pairing, my apologies.

Adam - Pomeranian

Rhett - Dalmatian

Natalie - Collie

Bryan - Bernese Mountain Dog

Jackie - Beagle

Brett - Basset Hound

Devon - Yellow Lab

Jenny - Cocker Spaniel

AJ - Siberian Husky

Nolan - Komondor

Casey - German Shorthaired Pointer

Jen - Australian Shepherd

Chase - Golden Retriever

Chelsea - Scottish Terrier

Aftyn - Shiba Inu

Tyler - Chow Chow

Evan - Boston Terrier

Carter - Welsh Corgi

Myself - Vizsla

Now I’m here at redthread, calling myself a “copywriter” and learning what that actually means. It’s been a wonderful, challenging experience that’s led to a lot of personal analysis and critique of my current and previous work to find ways to improve.
So now comes time to answer the burning question that all of our old flames have been dying to know the answer to: No, we promise we didn’t ghost you!