Ranked #63 in Inc. 5000's Fastest-Growing Midwest Companies

Look at us. Look at us! Who would’ve thought? Well… not us 6(ish) years ago. redthread has been named #63 in the Midwest on Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing private companies list. This regional list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the Midwest economy’s most dynamic segment: its independent small businesses. To say we are thankful to be included would be an understatement. 

We’re not going to lie, it’s taken a lot to get this far. redthread started almost 6 years ago kind of by accident, and to make this list is owed to everyone that has been a part of our thread. A gold-medal-worthy shoutout to every teammate at redthread that has ever been a part of our family. Through bagel sandwiches on set before the sun rises, to being locked in conference rooms concepting for hours on end, to toasting over an event coming together after months of prep, #63 is the result of our incredibly talented team. 

Inc. 5000 Series 2020

Graphic Designer Chelsea Wohlgemuth, takes us on her route to redthread through a cute bird comic!