“Seeking real world experience in an environment that is both challenging and allows for creativity.”
aj and nolan smiling widely in the middle of a street near the redthread office

The words from my resume, assembled months prior, echoed in my ears as I sent off the last email of my workday. Those words were written as a means to describe my ideal career path in a professional way. I would have been willing to accept a job that does not completely fulfill these requirements, challenging and creative, but was certainly wishing for one that would meet both. There’s a reason the old saying “be careful what you wish for” is often followed with “because you just might get it.” The objective from my resume is a glowing reminder why.

It’s been a month and half since I walked into the Red Thread office for my first day as a project manager. Trust me when I say that the environment in which I work allows for creativity in every sense of the word, and brings challenges in ways I would have never expected. Each day comes and goes with a new lesson to be learned, and every new experience offers up the opportunity to hone my skills. This is the sole purpose behind my desire for challenge: I never want to stay complacent.

Life at Red Thread has exceeded all my expectations. It's crazy to think about now, but for a long time I saw myself attempting to climb the corporate ladder wearing a suit. I know now that the cubicle life is not meant for me. When people ask me what I do now, “project manager” is fairly self explanatory; there are projects, and they need managing. But this job, like any good novel, poem, or boxing champ, is so much more than its title. “Project Manager” is what I am. What I really do — keep people sane and happy. That’s the real challenge. And when everything and everyone comes together is the real reward. Luckily I’m surrounded by talented and passionate coworkers, and we’ve all left our suits at the door.

-- AJ

Think back to the last time you made an appointment for something. Maybe it was the doctor, chiropractor, hair salon, a tax appointment, or a wedding planner – you get the idea. You scheduled that appointment because you couldn’t do that service yourself; you hired a professional.
Last month, I was honored as the 2016 Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) Young Professional of the Year. I had a lot of advice to give, people to thank and ramblings to ramble.