The New Kids
old redthred logo on a white wall with a set of shelves and a plant beneath it

For those of us at Red Thread, there’s only a few things we have in common.

First off, caffeine. Great ideas are not constrained to an 8-5 day. We don’t hit rush hour on our drive home very often. We’ve gotten to know the night time cleaning crew in our building quite well. The office couch has been known to double as a bed. It’s the awesome work we’re creating that keeps our brains awake, but it’s the cases of energy drinks and the gallons of coffee that keep our eyes open.

Next, honesty. People tend to have an emotional connection to their ideas. Ideas that are put on the table are fresh, raw and come straight from the heart. Every so often, that idea gets picked up, nurtured and loved. Other times, a meat tenderizer mallet made out of reality and laughter crushes your idea into an unrecognizable ball of humiliation that gets thrown back into the pit of your stomach. We’re brutally honest with each other. And we’re cool with it. It’s what is known as creative tension.

Finally, the color red. But there’s something about red. It’s the color of energy and passion – something you will find plenty of in our office. It’s the color of the Huskers – the school that brought us all together. It’s the color of our eyes when we’re working at 2 in the morning and Pandora keeps stopping the music to ask if we’re still listening. (Yes, Pandora. We’re still here). Red is strong. Red lifts, bro.

It’s the things we have in common that keep us from ripping each others heads off, but it’s our differences that turn our good ideas into great ones.

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