The Quiet One Speaks: Why You Should Invest in Creative.
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Think back to the last time you made an appointment for something. Maybe it was the doctor, chiropractor, hair salon, a tax appointment, or a wedding planner – you get the idea. You scheduled that appointment because you couldn’t do that service yourself; you hired a professional. It only takes seconds for someone to view a logo, and develop their first impression of that brand – the same goes for websites. You want someone to look at your logo or website and instantly know what kind of business you are and what you’re all about. Hiring a creative team to hash out all of the details essential for your brand would generate a different outcome for your business compared to asking your cousin Fred who took a couple of art classes to take a swing at it. First impressions are everything, and it plays a huge role in brands.

Nowadays, I see and hear too often about business owners creating their own design work, which is great if that business owner went to design school and also took some marketing classes. However, that is more than likely not the case. When budget resources exclude hiring a professional for marketing and design, the brand lacks what can be and often are the most integral components to that brand’s success. If the work is amateur, the brand itself is bound to appear unprofessional, a bland, impersonal product whose name no one really remembers – or, so much worse, they do remember it because of how strikingly bad the logo is. Don’t be that brand. Too, and too commonly, business owners will allow a budget for marketing and design, but their budget is so low it doesn’t allow for essential creative hours to achieve the best possible outcome. I’ve seen it happen: companies turning to one-off websites, paying $500 for a logo that looks like a template with just a tweak or two. It can work, but personally, I couldn’t recommend making so big a gamble on something as crucial as brand differentiation, and all of that starts at first sight.

So then.

What makes brands successful? They invest in themselves. McDonald’s, for example, has been around for years, and as far as dining out goes it’s probably safe to say their food isn’t anything special. We all know, especially today, how bad that stuff actually is for us, but they’ve survived for so long because they’ve established a brand presence. They have catchy slogans that ring in our heads, they have the iconic “golden arches”, and they are constantly advertising to us with billboards, commercials, and social media. Quality, professional creative work can’t stand alone either, I hear you. Having a successful business requires a lot of hard work, and a lot of knowing what you are doing – and when to ask for help. My word of advice: hire the professionals. Just like you hired that doctor to look at that weird mole on your back (turns out it was just a weird mole!). Let us help you create a brand presence that establishes a successful first impression.

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The words from my resume, assembled months prior, echoed in my ears as I sent off the last email of my workday. Those words were written as a means to describe my ideal career path in a professional way.