We're Still Here!
Rt001 Ribbon Cutting 18
adam looking at the crowd of guests at the ribbon cutting party


Oh hi, there! Long time, no talk.

So you probably clicked on our blog because you were wondering what the silicon prairie’s finest and most facetious have been up to. Well, that or you’re dying to know more about this special place we like to call redthread. Either way, welcome!

So now comes time to answer the burning question that all of our old flames have been dying to know the answer to: No, we promise we didn’t ghost you!

We’ve been busier than a whole hive of honeybees the past few months, and now we’re going to fill you in on where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing. Consider this a life update. So grab a snack, strap in your seatbelts and join us for the ride.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. We moved! At the beginning of April, we packed our bags and waved goodbye to our cozy longtime abode above The Mill, and said hello to a much bigger space above the old train station across the street (381 feet west to be exact). Here are some snaps of the new digs:


So why’d we move? For starters, we’ve been growing like summer WEEDS. We’ve added quite a few new faces to the crew, so it was only a matter of time.


Peter Parker’s uncle once said with rapid growth, comes more business! (Okay, we’re paraphrasing a little bit). That being said, we’ve added a plethora of great new clients to our roster. Here's some of our latest work.

We understand that lots of change can sometimes make you a little dizzy, but fear not.

At the end of the day, we are still the same quirky group of millennial Lincolnites you’ve grown to know and love. The kind of restless, detail-obsessed perfectionists that will stop at nothing until we get our shit done right. An office chock full of friendly, lovable mugs that’ll do anything to put a smile on your face. We go above and beyond because we love our clients, and will always treat each and every one like family. What can we say? It’s all in our DNA.

We'll be back in your TL before you know it – but unlike your Great Aunt Bertha, we won't flood you with posts about conspiracy theories. So when you see us, hit the link. Call us, beep us if you want to reach us. We have an office phone now and because it's a landline it's never once been inside Adam's pants.


It’s been a love affair with the wild wild west of advertising - particularly since joining redthread two months ago! Everyday I’m challenged as a copywriter, hone in on my writing skills, all while dusting off the cobwebs to the artistic network of neurons branching across multiple brain quadrants!
In a world controlled by a nefarious network of computer intelligence constructs, where the Human is secondary and subserving, the only advertising allowed is that which is devised by teams of marketing AI.