A New Day in Farming
Disrupting the agriculture industry for a new John Deere dealer.

When operations merge, it’s crucial that the new brand accurately represents all parties involved. Three John Deere dealerships were joining forces and came to us in need of a fresh look to launch the new brand.

Working with the leaders of each dealership, we led the yet-to-be-named company through our brand identity process. Through discovery workshops, we positioned the brand to be the next frontier in agriculture, offering innovative, cutting-edge solutions to farmers across the Midwest.

Meet AKRS (pronounced “acres”). Deriving from the gothic origin of the Greek word “agros” meaning “field,” the name tied back to the industry and was short and easy for farmers to remember.

Every element of the visual look was created to form a balanced visual ecosystem – almost literally. Large fields and a rising sun make up the “A” mark of the AKRS logo, representing the land that farmers will tend to with the technological John Deere solutions that AKRS offers. The colors are bright and full of energy to represent the horizon of the next era in agriculture.

Today, AKRS is bringing groundbreaking technological solutions to Midwest farmers of all operation sizes.

Akrs Case Study Optimized 16
Akrs Logo Process
Akrs Stylescape

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