Shipping Good Life Goodness
A national campaign to ship Amigos to your door.

The moment you sink your teeth into a warm cheese frenchee or taste a crisp meat burrito dipped in cool creamy ranch, you know you’re in Amigos heaven. Those are the moments Nebraskans know well, but the rest of the country had yet to discover.

Amigos was ready to share their Mexi magic nationwide but needed a strategic campaign that’d encourage people to ship the hometown favorite to their doorsteps. In an homage to the classic Norman Rockwell-inspired holiday feast that looked a little different thanks to COVID, we cooked up a campaign focused on bringing people together to enjoy this Nebraska staple. The creative was very Amigos, very Nebraska and very drool-worthy with a touch of nostalgia. We encouraged local customers to ship to friends and family while also targeting out-of-state Nebraska college alumni to once again experience their college town favorite.

The Amigos ads received over a million impressions, over 24 thousand engagements and almost 18 thousand link clicks. Their site received so much traffic that it actually broke. This campaign hit the spot and gave Amigos exactly what they were craving.

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1,676,292 impressions
24,234 engagements
17,923 link clicks
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