Case for Trees Video
Saving the world one tree at a time.

Carbon is everywhere. We’re made up of it, you’re made up of it, the device that you’re reading this on is made up of it. But carbon is also causing grave danger to our current climate, leading to changes to our environment that will impact generations to come. The Arbor Day Foundation is aware of this daunting fact and has developed a global program for businesses and corporations to offset their carbon emissions by planting trees.

ADF needed to inform the businesses of the problem at hand, how they play a role in contributing to it, and offer a solution to lower their carbon emissions – and we had to do all this and more in an engaging, grabbing way. The solution? An animated video explaining the ins and outs of carbon, trees and more!

Arbor Day Animation 02 Optimized
Arbor Day Animation 01 Optimized
Arbor Day Animation 03 Optimized
Arbor Day Animation 04 Optimized
Arbor Day Animation 05 Optimized

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