Rooted Throughout the Seasons
Celebrating one farming cooperative’s commitment to its partners.

It’s easier to cultivate success through partnership. Partnership provides greater opportunities to additional resources that in turn can yield better results. Yet as the average age of farmers across the United States increases to over 55 and young growers take on agricultural operations, farming cooperatives are in need of ways to ensure customer retention.

Aurora Cooperative, a century-old farming coop, needed to show value and needed to engage the current and next era of farm owners at their annual meeting. This meant creating something that would grab 30-something farmers, Gen Z FFA teens and 7-year-old kids who tagged along with their parents. To engage with their existing members, Aurora needed experiences that went beyond the simple trade show to show the value of partnership – they needed augmented and virtual reality.

Through a virtual reality experience, farmers dove beneath the soil and saw up-close how Aurora’s products impacted corn and soybean seeds through each growth stage. Through augmented reality, attendees learned about each area that Aurora specializes in through AR markers placed throughout the event. Guests were incentivized to participate and scan each marker, resulting in over 6,600 AR actions. FFA students and farmers of all ages lined up to try the VR experience and learn more about Aurora’s product line.

In all, the annual event was the largest in Aurora’s history. 94% of attendees viewed the trade show as more interactive than years past, and 83% of attendees saw the Aurora Annual Report as a valuable tool to help their operations in the following year.

Aurora Ar Experience

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