We Know Your Roots
A campaign of family, teamwork and legacy.

Aurora Coop knew that farms were shifting hands and needed a campaign that said, “We’re here for you through the changes.” As with every farming generation, the time comes when they make one of the most important decisions of their life: passing down the family farm. In the next 20 years, 70% of farms, and 5,000 of Aurora’s legacy farmer-owners, will pass on their land.

We spoke with farmers, farmer-owners and staff, that all make up Aurora Coop, to understand the organization’s changes and changes its customers face. We put ourselves in the boots of farmers who needed someone they could trust and proved it was the coop they relied on as an essential partner all along. We focused on the stories held with each family farm, creating an emotional connection to the changing generations. We pushed the familial emotional connection a step further and built a microsite allowing visitors to create their own family farm’s timeline as it grew alongside Aurora Coop because we’re tougher together.

“We Know Your Roots” came alive by encapsulating the legacy of a family farm and highlighting how obstacles are overcome by the symbiotic relationship between Aurora Coop and farmers.

Winner of three Nebraska American Advertising Federation Awards.

Aurora Wkyr Campaign Branding

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