Basler Dermatology Branding
A brand as unique as the personality behind it.

Dr. Rodney Basler is not your average dermatologist. He’s a caring and attentive Lincoln local who’s well-known and well-liked throughout the community. A man with such popularity and admiration needed an equally attractive brand identity that’d establish his new Dermatology clinic, Basler Dermatology, as a top-of-mind choice for excellent treatment and care.

Our team created a meaningful and eye-catching brand that was the perfect reflection of Dr. Basler’s personality and values. Keeping in mind that Basler Dermatology is in the medical field, we opted for a vibrant blue and red color that would still position him in the industry but allow his brand to stand out from the competition. The abstract heart within the logo symbolizes the care each patient receives, while Dr. Basler’s name boldly fills the forefront as the proud owner and physician. In addition to the new logo and brand guidelines, our team produced a simple, user-friendly website for all clinic-related information to live.

Dr. Basler’s name recognition was already a success; however, polishing his brand identity and creating a custom website established his presence further. As a result of our partnership, Basler Dermatology made a striking debut and was able to take on the market with the strong new brand.

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