The Best Track
Channeling John Cusack for branding a new 80s-themed bar.

Let’s be clear. Boombox Social is oh so much more than an 80s-themed bar located across the street from a Big 10 school. It’s an arcade, American diner, dance club and entertainment space bursting at the seams with potential to be the favorite new hangout spot. And spaces packed with that much energetic opportunity are worthy of branding just as exciting to match.

While some things *cough* parachute pants *cough* are better left in the 80s, others deserve celebration. So we hit play and built the branding around the legendary device that blasted above Lloyd Dobler’s head in Say Anything. The iconic boombox. In homage to the iconic neon signs of the era, the logo flexed Electric Blue and Plastic Pink and set the stage for many neon drinks to be added to the bar menu. Now if you visit on any given weekend, you can find a line of college kids queued at the door waiting to get a blast from the past.

Boombox Other Ideas
Logo Section 1 V2
Logo Section 2 V2
Logo Section 3 V2

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Promoting a two-day festival devoted to battered, deep fried bull testicles.
Helping Lincoln start the day with a great cup of coffee.