Bringing Clarity to Cancer Care
A website designed to help patients find solutions.

Life after a cancer diagnosis can be challenging. A whirlwind of emotions, test results, and treatment options can leave patients feeling confused and overwhelmed. That’s why finding the right cancer care provider is so important.

Cancer Partners understands the ins and outs of a patient’s journey. They came to us looking to streamline their website to provide clear and concise treatment options. They’re not only physicians. They’re partners committed to compassionate, personalized care.

We condensed their site into a patient-friendly user experience. Our focus was on emphasizing care options without using all the confusing medical jargon. We used a simple, yet effective web layout paired with conversational copy. The site features a calming color palette, their skilled team of providers, and various patient resources. We zeroed in on the difference Cancer Partners can provide to patients and showcased their collective experience and accolades to help potential patients feel confident confiding in them.

Cancer is scary, but finding the right healthcare provider shouldn’t be. By redesigning the Cancer Partners website, patients and caregivers are now more easily able to find the help they need.

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