Certified Piedmontese Beef Golf Channel Ad
Raising the steaks for Certified Piedmontese on national TV.

When Certified Piedmontese came to us, they were already primed (pun definitely intended) for greatness. They’d already made a name for themselves in healthy eating markets across the country, but now they were ready for Primetime. On Sunday afternoons. They’d pro-cured (the puns won’t stop) slots on the Golf Channel already, but they needed effective content to fill those slots that showcased the high grade, Heartland-raised Piedmontese beef. We cracked our knuckles, teed-up, and got to work.

In execution, we wanted to focus on and showcase the three core aspects of what makes Certified Piedmontese’s beef so great—namely that it’s gorgeous, healthy and tender, and you can get it delivered right to your door—while taking advantage of the opportunity to get the brand in front of such a specific audience. Our solution? Broadcast golf commentary. Sticking with the same form and format as the channel on which you’re showcasing your product was one of those simultaneous strokes-of-genius and no-brainers. After all, it speaks to our audience, in their language.

The dialogue is jaunty and playful, and does exactly what we and our client need it to: communicates that this stuff is begging you to grill it. We also wanted, visually, to showcase the beef. Just the beef. The execution is simple, effective, and literally one of our most ‘fire’ pieces to date. Grill. Fire. Tongs. Meat. This is beef you can taste with your eyes.

What’s more? You can get it ordered right to your front door.

"We came to redthread with the task of creating a memorable commercial that we could air on the Golf Channel, with a rather quick turnaround time. Within one week of reaching out to them, they came back with more than one idea that ended up launching an entire campaign with redthread. The Flip, was just the beginning of a captivating marketing piece that redthread had to offer us. Stay tuned for so much more…"

- Kala Springer, Marketing & Event Coordinator

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