You Deserve Better Beef!
A fancy campaign to sell the best beef in the country.

Wanting to change how consumers view red meat, Certified Piedmontese needed a way to highlight just how different their unique breed of beef is. We devised a creative concept to break through the noise with a brash character that pulls at viewers’ attention by the bootstraps: the Fancy Rancher.

The 30-second commercial was placed in three markets that were selected based on the unique selling points of Certified Piedmontese beef – low in calories, high in protein, tender as can be and raised responsibly on family ranches across the Midwest.

Focusing our placements in Omaha (foodie city in the heartland), Dallas (meat-hungry metropolis with opportunity for expansion) and Denver (new market with interest in healthy, sustainable red meat options), our campaign reached over 6,000,000 people.

The rodeo wrapped up with over 24,000 page views and visitors in Dallas, Denver, and Omaha leading the site traffic. Fancy Rancher set a creative tone that would allow us to break through the noise of the beef industry and help us tailor our targeting for a second whiskey-sipping, hat-tipping installment.

Piedmontese Fancy Rancher Digital Ads

Behind the Scenes

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