Something Good is Brewing
Creating B2B connections through a good cup of Joe.

No one likes bad coffee. People like bad beer, but bad coffee? Nah, you’d be better off just drinking hot water! CHIEF Buildings wanted to make a splash in front of potential dealers, but we knew they needed something that went beyond the traditional flyer. Since all levels of a company can impact the decision for which companies should be contracted, the mailer had to give Chief exposure to everyone in the office. So we tapped into with the favorite coworker of 64% of Americans: coffee

Chief sent subscription box shipments of premium-brewed coffee to the dealers each month for six months. Inside the box included messaging inviting dealers to learn about steel building solutions and set up a meeting with a Chief salesperson. At the six-month mark, Chief offered to provide another six months of coffee in exchange for a meeting – if they hadn’t done so already.

Getting an office hooked on a higher-level brew allowed Chief to make a splash in front of organizations that had yet to hear about Chief’s steel building solutions.

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