Let’s #GetSeatiated!
Awareness campaign for a changing Child Passenger Safety law.

LB42 – better known as the Child Passenger Safety Law – went into effect January 1, 2019, bringing new requirements to how children road in cars across Nebraska. The Nebraska Safety Council wanted to raise awareness of the changing law so parents, child care providers and police officers would go online, learn more, and implement the changes so their little ones could ride safe.

But how do we spread the message to thousands across the state? Get the Joneses aware of the campaign first! Based on the collective parent desire to be in-the-know on the best practices for their children, we created a rallying cry asking people to “#GetSeatiated.”

To ensure parents didn’t get left in the dust, we included three elements in every piece of the campaign, creating a uniform guide for all things child passenger safety. The #GetSeatiated hashtag, the three big changes that the law brought, and a call to learn more were weaved into every video, graphic, and ad.

Showing Nebraska parents how the new law will impact their child, we included visuals of children safely buckled and ready for takeoff! Messaging was designed to be precise yet positive to communicate the changes within this law.

We leveraged social media influencers and admins of closed parenting groups to effectively reach parents. The content and hashtag circulated over Facebook, reaching over 130,000 people and garnering 280,000 impressions, and 2,700 shares.

The successful campaign garnered enough interest that multiple news organizations reported on the upcoming law. Now implemented, the Child Passenger Safety Law is ensuring that children’s car seats are evolving as they grow, and that they are getting the much-needed boost.

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130,000 people reached.
280,000 impressions.

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