Take A Digital Walk Down Innovation Lane
A 360 Tour Bringing Innovation Campus to You

Right about when the pandemic spread across the world, Innovation Campus was growing into itself, filling empty spaces with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, creating the ability for students and businesses to set up shop and start the building blocks of their livelihoods and careers. However amazing Innovation Campus was becoming, the pandemic stopped them short of the guided tours and visits, vital to show off the impressive expansions and value of the creative space.

Innovation Campus hit the nail on the head. They needed to get the word out, visually, about their amazing space through a socially distant time. As is always the right choice, they gave us a call. We knew that every space, from auditoriums to high-tech classrooms, office spaces to woodworking shops, 3D printers and welding stations (in the Maker Space), no matter how big or small, added priceless value to Innovation Campus. What better way to show Innovation Campus off than to show EVERYTHING? And we did.

Fast-forward to an all inclusive 360 tour of Innovation Campus, available to anyone at any time, with its own domain, nebraskainnovationcampus.com. We made it easy to find and even easier to navigate. With walkthroughs for the Maker Space, rentable classrooms and office spaces, the auditorium and more, the 360 tour gives everyone the opportunity to experience this magnificent space for creators all without ever stepping foot on the property.

To tie the tour together, we interviewed key leaders of Innovation Campus’ Maker Space including the director, shop manager and training and design specialist. This 360 tour is the one you’ve been waiting for.

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