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Quality healthcare is complex. Many things have to come together harmoniously, and one weak link will quickly break the chain. That’s the strength of Kidwell. They understand the significance of every single healthcare logistic, and they help make the chain stronger by partnering with West-Com to provide healthcare products that create consistent, more effective communication. From whiteboard solutions to patient info tracking interfaces, they help make healthcare processes easier. And when they needed an impactful way to show the strengths of the new nurse-call system from West-Com, we began working together.

We first determined what could best reach healthcare administrators. Installing a new nurse-call system is an investment, and these systems are often in place for many years. This meant communicating how the dependability and longevity of these systems justify the high cost of installation. We customized a box with a built-in video screen and space for branded materials to impress prospective buyers. The video showed how medical situations are hard for not just the patient, but their loved ones and families as well, illustrating Kidwell’s empathy and ability to ease these experiences. Having a Kidwell nurse-call system makes them that much smoother for everyone.

Kidwell Nursecall Front Brochure
Kidwell Nursecall Inside Brochure

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