Lincoln Calling
Bigger than ever.

Famous festivals don’t have fans. They have followings. Their audiences don’t sit and wait for acts to arrive - they are the ones going out of their way. That means traveling from all over, canceling plans to be there, and getting crazy excited before it even starts.

When you want your multi-day music bonanza to be the best, it has to be greater than the sum of its bands. It has to be a brand.

Lincoln Calling, the capital city’s big music and art celebration, wanted to reach these new heights. In order to fill some bigger shoes, they needed a look - and it needed to be loud. redthread said, “let’s rock.”

Our agency built an all-encompassing campaign for Lincoln Calling, including the designs and massive promotion effort. With redthread’s help, the festival sold 14.5% more tickets than last year. The most sold so far!

Recap video by @lifebynate.

Lincoln Calling
Lincoln Calling3
Lincoln Calling2
Lincoln Calling4

“People came up to me and that’s one of the first things that came out of their mouths: ‘Oh my gosh - the design’s great this year.’” 

“I’ve worked with large design firms where we’ve gotten completely lost in the shuffle. I’ve worked with smaller design firms where it was a combination of not knowing how to handle us and helping us manage our time. The festival world has one timeline and the design world has another. The communication between the two started off great and just got better.”

- Spencer Munson, Festival Director

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