Lindsay's Zimmatic "Circles of Excellence" Dealer Boxes
Delivering recognition to incentivize sales.

The success of Lindsay’s Zimmatic products is dependent on the participating dealers' sales. These dealers have established relationships and trust with local growers, and are the best way to relay the innovation offered by the Zimmatic line. That’s why Lindsay recently created a program that rewards dealers through a tier program, providing rewards and incentives based on product sales. And when they wanted a way to show these teams their appreciation while explaining this program, they came to us.

We started the project by thinking of ways we could directly mail something that shows Lindsay’s gratitude. Using the momentum behind the increased popularity of subscription boxes and the joy of unboxing, we chose to produce a “dealer box,” which included increasingly nicer products based on tier level. The boxes held items like coffee mugs, vouchers for online products, flash drives and included personalized notes thanking the businesses for their efforts. Accompanying that were materials that laid out sales advice and future incentives to encourage an increase in sales. We branded the box and its contents within Lindsay’s established style, creating a professional, motivating and memorable product.

Lindsay Co E Box 1 Optimized
Lindsay Co E Box 3 Optimized
Lindsay Co E Box 2 Optimized
Lindsay Co E Box 4 Optimized
Lindsay Co E Box 7 Optimized
Lindsay Co E Box 5 Optimized

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