Lindsay Pivot Watch Launch
Helping Lindsay Corporation create a successful product launch.

Farming is one of society’s oldest professions. In an industry steeped in tradition, change can be met with hesitation. When Lindsay Corporation was planning the Pivot Watch product launch, they needed branding and copy that would help farmers understand the benefits gained. That’s where redthread was tasked to help.

The Lindsay Pivot Watch allows farmers to remotely measure their water usage in their current pivots. But because of the inherent technical context of this product, our copy needed to be simple. Keeping consistent with Lindsay’s established brand voice, we wrote eye-catching, yet explanatory, copy for the product’s rollout over social media, at trade shows, and for the product’s packaging. The packaging itself, too, needed to be both captivating and fall within the branding established previously by Lindsay, which lead us using bold, large copy that immediately drew the customer’s attention. In this work, we established to customers that Lindsay understands the pain points of farming, and Pivot Watch alleviates a massive one: monitoring water usage.

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Fieldnet Packaging

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