Don’t Let the Name Fool You
See the new social series for a full-service grocery store.

Meat and beer have been staples of the human race’s diet for centuries. Nicknamed after the essentials that they’re known best for, Schmick’s Market – also known as Meat & Beer – wanted to increase weekly sales by 30% and make the public more aware that they were a full-service grocery store. That’s when a van rolled in with a plastic squirrel nailed to its roof.

Before we get into the videos we should have you know one thing: Meat & Beer isn’t basic. It’s where you go to pick up the ultra-rare 99-pack of PBR while also getting your fruit for breakfast (it’s called balance). So instead of creating standard videos that flex product promotions, we wrote and produced a six-episode series for social media starring two employees that could also be called grocery store groupies. Each video was tailored to a specific topic such as comparing prime beef cuts, stocking up on favorite local brews and being full-service. The series was posted to Facebook over 4 months and garnered almost 150,000 views across all six videos. Meat & Beer saw an increase of 27% in sales, and a second installment of the campaign is in the works for 2020!

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