Middle Republican NRD Video Brochures
The fountain of truth.

The Middle Republican Natural Resources District (MRNRD), located in the Republican River Basin – over 2 million acres of land and 575 miles of rivers and streams – applies and develops conservation practices that will go on to impact every Nebraskan. They wanted to educate Nebraska state senators about their fight for protecting drinking water, groundwater and soil, in order to help lawmakers vote wisely in the future.

We wanted to show the Nebraska state senators exactly what that raw, majestic elegance of their land looked like. So we kicked things off by dancing a drone over the district, filming many twists and turns that may have gone missed had we not filmed from the air.

That video was embedded in a brochure sent to the state senators, asking them to call and learn why Nebraska needed their support. By showing the landscape of the MRNRD, we grabbed viewers’ attention, and showed what exactly will be impacted if we don’t work to protect drinking water, groundwater and soil.

At the same time that the brochures were mailed out, we ran Facebook ads targeting the state senators directly. The ads, like the embedded video in the brochure, featured landscape found in the MRNRD.

By the end of the campaign, 29 out of 49 reached out to the MRNRD to learn more about the ongoing and future efforts for water conservation.

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Msnrd Brochure Inside

"We hand-delivered it to every senator, and hand-delivered it to the Governor’s office. We didn’t even get to Grand Island and we were already getting phone calls wondering what the heck we were doing."

- Jack Russell General Manager, MRNRD

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