Flanagan Lake Grand Opening
Awareness campaign for Papio-Missouri NRD's grand opening of Flanagan Lake.

We sprouted anticipation of the lake with a microsite blooming with imagery of the adventure opportunities, and drone videos of the 730 acres of the park and green space. Because it was important to educate the public on all the hard work that Papio-Missouri NRD puts in, we included historical photos of past devastating floods. The site garnered 7,818 unique site visitors from June 20th through August 18th – the time period of peak summertime fun!

In jubilation of the grand opening, we launched the “Dam Fun Contest” – a social campaign highlighting all the opportunities Flanagan Lake provides. Members of the public generated content of their favorite lake-based activities, posting to their personal social platforms in the hope to win a prize. Award sponsors donated kayaks, bikes, Scheels gift certificates, and other recreational-themed goodies that the entrants competed for.

Over 200 approved contest entries went up for the vote, and over 11,000 total votes determined the winners.

Flanagan Imac Mockup Reoptimized
7,818 unique site visitors in 2 months.
202 photo contest entries.
11,352 total contest votes.

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