Pump & Pantry Commercial
30-second spot showcasing the carousel of characters that stop in.

Think about the quintessential American gas station. Many walk the hallowed halls stacked with salty and sugary treats in search of things to calm motion sick stomachs, late night cravings, and fuel the earliest of Mondays. Pump & Pantry knew that beyond gasoline prices, it’s the snacks at their convenience stores that draw people from all walks of life coming back.

Bosselman Enterprises had a jingle and radio spot for their gas station chain, but no broadcast commercial spot. They also wanted to draw people inside of the store, and show the wide assortment of products they offer – and the wide assortment of customers that may stop by, from former Nebraska football players, to cowboys, to even ballerinas. Our challenge was to separate Pump & Pantry from any other gas station, draw people inside, and craft a unique commercial that you definitely wouldn’t want to look away from. The solution? A commercial showcasing a carousel of characters buying snacks with obscure names, and moves so quick yet comically that your attention span will be surprised that it’s already over.

The outcome from the multiple days of filming and congregating all the costumed characters lead to a video that you couldn’t help but smile while watching. The video served as a reminder of all the best parts of stopping at a gas station no matter your age – the snacks. Additionally, it showed how the gas station is one of the few places in society that you can come to no matter your garb or outfit and be accepted with zero judgement. We could have taken a generic approach to the video, but why not pump it up a little?

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