The Raikes School 360° Video VR Viewers
Simulating your future.

The Raikes School at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers an amazing education and environment built to make computer science superstars. With the quality of the program offered, it’s no surprise they wanted to attract the best-of-the-best, perfect-ACT-score student.

But with comparable programs at Ivy League schools drawing away prospective students, the Raikes School needed to stand out. And given this is a computer science program for tech-savvy students, they needed a project built for their demographic.

This is where redthread and the Raikes School came together. Using cutting-edge tech, we created a virtual reality experience, which gave prospective students the opportunity to see their future right in their bedrooms, using their phones plugged into branded VR viewers the school mailed out.

The results were stellar. Using a survey of prospective students, we were able to determine some key stats. Before these marketing materials went out, only 22.5% of students were “very” interested in the school. That number jumped to 69% after, according to respondents. Over 40% of students said the VR viewer stuck out to them, and many mentioned the added benefit of being able to show the school to curious parents, friends and loved ones.

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