Branding for Beans
Helping Lincoln start the day with a great cup of coffee.

Ever hear of a “rebel bean”? It’s the bean that refuses to be roasted like the rest of the batch. It’s also the namesake, and spirit, of an up-and-coming roastery and coffee shop, Rebelbean Roasting, known for their 100% organic, fair-trade and cool, punk-y vibe. And as a new business, there was a need to establish themselves as a memorable and regular part of Lincolnites’ lives. Humans are habitual creatures and most of us already have a go-to spot or brand we get our java from. They needed to stand out and show the Capital City that this isn’t your average, dime-a-dozen coffee.

We were tasked with helping them develop a new, contemporary brand with a logo to match. They wanted something with a vintage and rustic feel, while still being fresh and modern, so we created a tie to another notable rebel: the colonial American, fighting the British tyrants. Using distressed visual effects, paired with a rubber stamp aesthetic and vintage typography, we produced a brand that was versatile and uniquely recognizable for the client.

This project was a great chance to take influence and pay homage to American history while bringing a current-day feel to the overall project. Coffee is our best friend at redthread, and we’re always happy to brand those who provide the good stuff.

Rt014 Rebelbean Logo 01 2019 10 15 Rd01
Rt014 Rebelbean Logo 02 2019 10 15 Rd01 Optimized
Rt014 Rebelbean Logo 03 2019 10 15 Rd01
Rt014 Rebelbean Logo 04 2019 10 15 Rd01
Bottle Mockup 2

We needed a logo. We reached out to redthread with nothing more than a feeling. What we go in return was a logo that is now defining our brand! Absolutely amazing.

- Brandon & Lucas, Owners

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