Round the Bend Steakhouse Testicle Festival
Promoting a two-day festival devoted to battered, deep fried bull testicles.

Ever heard of beef fries? Or maybe the legendary rocky mountain oysters? These delicate morsels aren’t plucked from the bottom of the sea, but rather cow testicles dipped in a batter and deep fried. Round the Bend Steakhouse (RTB), a restaurant located midway between Lincoln and Omaha, is known best for these battered balls. They are so popular that every summer RTB hosts the Testicle Festival – a two day hoedown devoted to the dusted nuts, flowing with plenty of cheap beer and tunes from country cover bands.

RTB sensed the opportunity to make the 2016 Testicle Festival bigger and better than ever, and set the lofty goal of $80,000 revenue for the weekend – $10,000 more than their record revenue in 2013. The Testicle Festival enjoys a steady attendance every year, but the goal was to draw more people from Lincoln and Omaha, so we decided the most efficient way of reaching our target market of middle-aged couples from the municipalities was to implement a social campaign centered around having a ball.

Each element of the campaign was as saucy as the festival itself. Beginning with top tips of the best ways to eat bull fries, we encouraged sloppy hand-based eating by pairing photos of men consuming sauce-blanketed bull fries with taglines such as “It’s okay to get saucy” and “Don’t forget to use your hands.”

This successful campaign converted to outperforming the desired goal of $80,000, bringing in $87,000, with revenue breaking the previous sales record by $17,000.

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