VR Experience
Helping Silverhawk Take Flight
VR Experience
Helping Silverhawk Take Flight

Having served Lincoln for more than 25 years now, Silverhawk Aviation has made a name for itself chartering people (such as Husker football coach Scott Frost) across the country. If you’re looking for an upscale, private and honestly-priced travel option, they’re the folks for you.

But most of us find ourselves sitting in a 747’s economy section when we fly, presenting a problem for Silverhawk. How do you target their demographic personally, while showing the quality of their charter planes? How do you elevate a product that’s already 30,000 feet in the sky? Simple: A private tour on the ground.

It’s a little easier said than done to put a full-size private jet in public area, so we developed an immersive, exclusive virtual reality experience available only to those visiting the premium level of Pinnacle Bank Arena. Already a sponsor of the Premium Level, Silverhawk Aviation wanted its target market to be able to peer into their potential future. Thus, the VR tour prepared for takeoff.

Using a multi-camera system, we generated a tour that provided a direct look into Silverhawk’s Excel jet. Premium Level members simply scan the provided code, slide their phone into the provided VR viewer, and they’re aboard a direct flight to luxury.

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