Plant Trees, Save the World
Showing the story of #TeamTrees’ quest to plant 20 million trees.

In October of 2019, the largest internet movement to bring trees back to our earth kicked off. The good samaritan project called #TeamTrees was a vow of YouTuber and notable philanthropist MrBeast, with the help of YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober. In honor of MrBeast’s 20 million subscribers, #TeamTrees would plant 20 million trees. The premise was simple: every dollar donated plants a tree. They teamed up with the largest nonprofit tree planting organization in the world, Nebraska’s own Arbor Day Foundation, to accomplish this massive feat.

With donations coming in from over 190 countries, donors needed to know their donations were going towards planting trees. What better way than to show it happening in action?

Cue an around the world compilation of content creators, environmentalists and all-around do-gooders aiding #TeamTrees in the successful planting of over 20 million trees! We compiled the tree planting content for a video that racked up over 1 million views, shares and responses from influential icons like YouTube’s own Susan Wojcicki, YouTube itself, TedEd, and Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke.

We led the #TeamTrees team through our branding process, establishing their brand voice and look, then produced videos and social content that engaged their audiences with the global project. We successfully re-ignited #TeamTrees for their one-year anniversary which let the public know about this incredible, world-saving mission. Now, we’re thrilled to continue to show #TeamTrees hard at work.


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