Indiana Sales Campaign
Cultivating loyal, local customers for the best in the biz.

It is vital for the public to know where you are, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it, even if you’re a 130 year old well-known giant in the industry. Timpte Trailers is that well-known leader in the industrial trailer market but they . They were opening a new location and needed a big idea that could be transferable to other markets, so they came to us.

With thousands of customizable, American made hoppers and trailers, by the company who started it all, Timpte Trailers sells themself. No wonder they hadn’t made themselves a big deal to the public yet. Luckily, bragging about our client’s success is our favorite part of the job. With a new location about to open in Indiana, we let the public know Timpte was in the area and enticed them to become loyal followers with bold, value-driven, humorous headlines, and free Timpte shirts and caps with a visit to the store.

Cue Timpte culture, the “Haul American, All American” trailer and hopper company, here for hard working Americans and the complex hauling needs of the Midwest.

We made the public walking billboards with free Timpte swag, and generated buzz in the area with digital ads and highway billboards. We used short, humorous headlines to attract people’s attention and leave an imprint on them. We used Timpte’s sturdy font as a foundation for the message and created an engaging culture for everyone to see.

Voila! We increase Timpte Trailers business with more in-store foot traffic and online engagement.


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