U-Stop History Video
Celebrating 60 years between a convenience store and a city.

To thank the city that supported them for over 60 years, U-Stop convenience shops needed a video to celebrate the close working relationship that fostered over the decades. Founded in Lincoln, Nebraska, U-Stop set a goal to partner with various Lincoln organizations to innovate the community that supported them since day one.

To tell the entire history of U-Stop and their parent organization Whitehead Oil Company, what better way to learn everything than to meet with the man who has been in the business since the day he was born? We met with the president and son of the founder, Mark Whitehead, who told a tale of helping his father trailblaze the gas station experience the importance of providing a foundation that people can use to better themselves.

To get a direct look at the changes they brought to the city, we met with businesses, parks, and projects that have been uplifted through the giving contributions. From an almost-instinct beetle that nearly lost its entire natural habitat, to a museum for children where they can become whatever they can imagine, each story was symbolic of the broader impact U-Stop has had.

In all, the video successfully told the tale of everything they have done and showed Lincolnites that U-Stop will always be there to fuel the future of their fair city.

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