Like you never left
Reclaiming customers using what they already know and love.

Your customers are happy and you’re about to lose them. Sounds crazy? See, they love what you do for them and they love the way you do it. They have zero interest in taking their business anywhere else. Somehow, despite all this, they’re leaving. All of them. Out the door. A decision was made completely outside your company’s control, transferring your customers to a different service, out of state, owned by different people.

It’s not business. It’s a bureaucratic about-face. All you can do is try to win them back. This is what happened for UBT. They looked to us for answers.

We created a brand for Union Bank & Trust that represented the things we knew their customers loved. That meant this brand needed to be unmistakably UBT. It needed to be Nebraska, too, since these customers want to keep their money in their home state. It needed the familiar UBT faces their customers recognize and trust. NFIT was our answer. With NFIT, we were able to show customers what UBT was offering - everything they already wanted.

It worked. After launching the new NFIT brand, UBT hit their end-of-year goal by April.

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