United Way of Lincoln & Lancaster County 2018 Campaign
Helping face the toughest issues in our community head on.

There are those who believe in making “Giving Tuesday” a year-round thing, by going the extra mile and fighting for the voiceless. United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County is one of those rare organizations that does just that, turning thoughts and prayers into action by analyzing and attacking the actual problems found in our backyards.

United Way sensed the opportunity to expand their efforts of helping Lincoln and the surrounding area by setting the goal of $7 million for the 2018 campaign – a bold quarter million more than the previous year. That $7 million would benefit 64 partner agencies to provide services aimed at facing the most urgent needs of the community.

Each element of the campaign was designed to highlight how any obstacle can be conquered when we face it together as a community and made sure to match the optimistic spirit of the beneficiaries, the volunteers, and the agencies. We met with the individuals, listened to their stories, then put their face – literally – on the story to allow for a personal look at what is the reality for many in our community.

“Let’s Face It” allowed us to give back to our community. We still are a few months away from reaching the end of the year-long campaign, and only 5% away from United Way reaching the $7 million dollar goal. But when we do reach the goal, it means we’ll be able to offer sheltered homes, food, and help to those around us that need it most. Watching a successful campaign turn into community impact year after year is an incredible thing, and to help United Way achieve an annual lofty fundraising goal, has been an especially cool experience.

2018 United Way Campaign Posters

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