Water for Food
Turning something complex into something clear.

Trying to explain a tricky, confusing, or unfamiliar idea can feel like painting with water. It doesn’t really look like anything. Ideas like these are hard to see, harder to hold onto, and a heck of a thing to get people interested in. The trick to painting with water, we found, is adding a little color.

Picture this: a newly-available methodology for determining water productivity in crop, livestock, and bioethanol production.

...It’s probably safe to say the "mental-picture” we asked you to paint doesn’t look like much. That was our challenge. The Water for Food Institute needed to illustrate their new research report, break down exactly why it’s so groundbreaking, and show an audience at the World Food Prize conference the difference this would make in the world. That conference was not far off, so we didn’t have much time.

Here’s where the color comes in. We produced this video, an easy-to-understand guide to the bewildering world of water productivity. It explains how their new report works using basic language and simple visuals, while driving home the individual impact of the report by showing viewers how to use it. And we did the whole thing in just 21 days. Check this video out and see how a little color can help make sense of something so unclear.

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