New Energy for a Legacy Brand
A defense against “too much of a good thing”.

Being a legacy brand is great. Your reputation is established. People think of you automatically and recommend you on the regular. You’re a household name! Now for the unintended consequences.

People love things they can relate to. This becomes an ever-evolving challenge for brands, especially when they’re well known. Woods Aitken is an established Lincoln law firm, through and through. The problem was, their popularity wasn’t resonating with younger prospective clients. Longevity was reading “old” instead of “expert.” So, the brand needed a new look and feel - one which kept everything people respected and trusted about Woods Aitken, but in a more modern way.

We did a full re-brand, designing a new logo and lots of supporting materials, including a full brand guide.

This new icon is formed by the first two letters of the company founders’ names. When molded together, the W and A create an upward-facing arrow symbolizing the positivity and forward movement or the Woods Aitken brand. Complementary colors blue and orange speak to the relationship between their brand and their clients. The new icon firmly stands on the Woods Aitken name creating a strongly symmetrical mark. Sleek yet sturdy, the featured san serif reflects the modernity and strength of the brand.

Woods Aitken Logos
Woods Aitken Mockup
Woods Aitken Stationery

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